Wind effects on roofs: a joint event between UK Wind Engineering Society (WES) and the Romanian Association for Wind Engineering (ARIV)

“The roofs of structures often go unnoticed by passers-by, only occasionally being the subject of comment on the most iconic of buildings. For wind engineers, their importance is never underestimated and this joint talk between the UK Wind Engineering Society and the Romanian Association for Wind Engineering shows just how true that is.

From the influence on urban winds of roof shape across arrays of low-rise buildings to the wind loads on the roof of a football stadium, roofs both influence and are susceptible to the wind.

After these two lectures, which will be delivered online, there will be an opportunity to pose questions to the speakers and take part in what we hope will be the first in a series of joint lectures between WES and ARIV.

We look forward to welcoming you!”

July 14 2022, 18:00 EET, online event

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On behalf of ARIV, prof. dr. Andrei Mugur Georgescu will present some aspects about the experimental study of the wind action on Steaua Bucharest stadium roof. In this talk, Andrei Georgescu will introduce some of the issues that emerged during the  process of designing and building of the physical model, as well as, the solutions that were used to address them. Some of the capabilities of the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel used to perform the experiments, will also be discussed in association with the requests of the beneficiary. Finally, some general conclusions are drawn on the accuracy of modeling some physical phenomena in the wind tunnel.